Benessere Cream – 20ml

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Actyva by Kemon – Benessere Cream – 20ml

Soothing Treatment

Natural extracts and essential oils • Emollient, shine-enhancing and static-fighting active ingredients

“Instant relief” effect and long-lasting wellness

Soothes, hydrates and decongests the scalp

Leaves hair with fewer tangles, easier to comb

Leaves the mid-shaft vital, soft and light

Used regularly, it restores the scalp’s normal sensitivity

Leaves the mid-shaft soft and shiny

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Soothing Treatment

Directions for use

After washing the hair, apply to the scalp, working in sections. Distribute with a circular motion until the entire surface of the scalp is completely covered in product. Distribute down the mid-shaft, massaging throughout the strands, and comb.

Follow with a “relaxing” massage as described in the Benessere Cream massage procedures. Leave in place for 5 minutes. Emulsify and rinse thoroughly. Then style the hair as usual.


Beautiful hair begins with a healthy scalp ACTYVA brings SPECIFICI, a range formulated with essential oils and plant extracts to cleanse, balance, soothe, hydrate and restore the normal function of the scalp.
– SPECIFICI Equilibrio; DIAGNOSIS: Scalps with excessive sebaceous secretion. NEED: Remove deep excess sebum and absorb unpleasant odours from the scalp. Gradually rebalance the hydrolipidic mantle.
– SPECIFICI Purezza; DIAGNOSIS: Scalp with dandruff or other impurities̀. NEED: Remove impurities, soothe and refresh the scalp with immediate effect. Progressively purify the scalp.
– SPECIFICI Benessere; DIAGNOSIS: Sensitive scalp. Scalp tense, sore, reddened or irritated. Symptoms of burning, itching or tingling on the scalp. NEED: Relieve symptoms immediately. Hydrate, soothe and gradually normalize the sensitivity of the scalp. Make the mid-shaft shiny, soft and easy to comb.



The fine line
between science and nature

“The thin line between science and nature,” the payoff line, is what has always guided and directs Actyva research. Looking for the perfect combination of tradition and innovation to combine the functionality of science to the sweetness of nature.


Actyva uses over 40 natural ingredients that act synergistically with the latest in cosmetic research.

Professional treatments are designed to enhance the beauty of your hair and keep the scalp healthy.

The products are formulated with the utmost delicacy and provide immediately visible results.

Actyva is a line conceived, designed and produced in Italy.


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